Brightmark Energy, a San Francisco-based waste and energy development company, has announced the closing of a US$260 million financing package for the construction of the US’ first commercial-scale plastics-to-fuel plant, which will be located in Ashley, Indiana. The financing for ‘Brightmark Energy Ashley Indiana’ includes US$185 million in Indiana green bonds, which were underwritten by Goldman Sachs & Co. As part of the financing closure, Brightmark has become the controlling owner of RES Polyflow, the Ohio-based energy technology company that innovated the process for converting plastics directly into transportation fuel and other products.

总部坐落旧金山的废物和动力开发公司BrutMekEngEngor现已宣告完结一个2.6亿美元的融资,该资金用于缔造美国第一个商业规划的塑料燃料工厂,工厂坐落印第安娜州的艾希礼市。“Brightmark Energy Ashley Indiana”的融资括1.85亿美元的印第安纳绿色债券,该债券由高盛公司承销。作为融资封闭的一部分,Brightmark已成为Res PolyFlow的控股公司,这家总部坐落俄亥俄州的动力技能公司立异了直接转化塑料的工艺,该公司的首要事务是运送燃料和其他产品。

The Ashley facility will be the first of its kind to take mixed waste single-use plastics and convert them into usable products at commercial scale. The facility will initially convert approximately 100 000 t of plastics into over 18 million gallons/yr of ultra-low sulfur diesel and naphtha blend stocks and nearly six million gallons/yr of commercial grade wax in a process that is expected to be 93% efficient. Ultimately, the outputs of this technology could also be used to produce the feedstocks necessary for manufacturing plastic again, thus creating the world’s first truly circular economy technology for plastics.


“We are excited about the market's confidence in the validity of this technology to economically convert single-use plastics for new uses,” said Bob Powell, CEO of Brightmark Energy and of RES Polyflow. “This technology provides a strong incentive for diverting single use plastics away from oceans, waterways, communities and landfills by creating reusable value. Plastic pollution is such a pressing global issue, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to provide a solution.”

Brightmark Energy和Res PolyFlow的首席执行官Bob Powell说:“咱们对商场对这项技能的有效性的决心感到振奋,由于商场信任这项技能能够经济地将一次性塑料转化为新用处。”“这项技能经过发明可重复运用的价值,为一次性塑料从海洋、水路、社区和废物填埋场搬运供给了强有力的动力。塑料污染是一个如此急迫的全球性问题,咱们很快乐有时机供给解决方案。”

RES Polyflow's plastics-to-fuel process sustainably recycles waste that has reached the end of its useful life – including items that cannot readily be recycled, like plastic film, flexible packing, styrofoam and children's toys – directly into useful products, like fuels and wax.

Res PolyFlow的“塑料制燃料”工艺可继续地收回已达到其运用寿命晚期的废物,包含不易收回的物品,如塑料薄膜、柔性包装、聚苯乙烯泡沫塑料和儿童玩具,直接转化为有用的产品,如燃料和蜡。

According to analysis released this week by Closed Loop Partners, there is an existing US$120 billion addressable market in the US and Canada for plastics and petrochemicals that could be met, in part, by recovering waste plastics like those used as feedstock in the Ashley, Indiana facility. The resources recovered from waste plastics could displace fossil fuels being used in these markets today.


Jay Schabel, President of Brightmark Energy’s plastics division and of RES Polyflow, said, “I’m excited to be joining a team that has the experience and capability to further the RES Polyflow technology. The Ashley facility provides the next step in realising our vision to end plastic pollution, and we look forward to partnering with Brightmark to develop future plastics-to-fuel projects throughout the United States.”

Brightmark Energy塑料部分和Res PolyFlow的总裁Jay Schabel说:“我很快乐能参加一个有丰厚经历和才能进一步开展Res PolyFlow技能的团队。阿什利工厂为完成咱们消除塑料污染的愿景供给了下一步,咱们等待与Brightmark协作,开发未来在美国各地的塑料燃料项目。”

A total of 136 full time manufacturing jobs will be created in Northeast Indiana when all phases of the facility are operational. BP will purchase the fuels produced by the facility, which will be distributed in the regional petroleum market. The Ashley plant will also produce commercial grade waxes for sale to the industrial wax market, which will be purchased by AM WAX.